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Gerard Longo is the Principal of Mettle Property Group.

Mr. Longo is responsible for directing and overseeing the daily operations of Mettle, its acquisitions, new developments and equity positions. Through Mr. Longo’s business acumen and strong work ethic he has expanded development to include residential, commercial and hospitality assets throughout New York City and South Florida.

Under Mr. Longo’s direction, the team at Mettle has been involved with over 60 mid-rise residential developments as well as overseeing the renovation and rehabilitation of approximately 500 1-4 family dwellings. As a well recognized leader in the real estate industry, Mr. Longo has been quoted and interviewed in many of the leading news media organizations such as MSNBC, Squawk Box, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, New York Post, New York Daily News and The Real Deal.

Concurrently with Mettle Property Group, Mr. Longo remains a Principal of Madison Estates which continues to be one of the leading boutique brokerage firms with multiple offices serving the Brooklyn, NY area. Mr. Longo confers with the Madison Estates marketing and sales executives on a daily basis which adds to his unique perspective and understanding of the real estate industry.

Being raised by a real estate family in Brooklyn, NY and surrounded by New York City’s most iconic architecture, inspired Mr. Longo’s interest in real estate. Mr. Longo began his real estate career at 18 years of age while attending college. Since then, Mr. Longo has served on numerous boards of real estate related organizations and continues to do so.

Mr. Longo graduated from Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn, New York, and continued his education at Bernard M. Baruch College, City University of New York.

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Joseph Baglio is Chief Operations Officer at Mettle Property Group. He has been instrumental in the growth and direction of the company since its inception.

Mr. Baglio is responsible for directing Mettle’s field operations, project coordination, underwriting and analytics. With a focus on pragmatic investing he looks for upside potential in underutilized assets and continues to pursue new opportunities in all asset classes.

Prior to Mettle, Mr. Baglio entered into the industry by developing affordable housing in Queens, NY. He later began to acquire and rehabilitate properties throughout Brooklyn, NY and has consulted on new developments in all 5 boroughs.

Mr. Baglio comes from a real estate background and holds a degree in Management & Finance from Brooklyn College. With over 15 years in real estate brokerage and development he has experienced all sides of the industry. Dealing with the public in the brokerage forum is what gives him insight on how to create a successful project that will be well received. Mr. Baglio resides in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and 2 children.

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Steven Yamuder is Chief Financial Officer of Mettle Property Group.


Mr. Yamuder has been affiliated with the development division of Madison Estates for the past seven years. His responsibilities include the economic evaluation and strategic forecasting of financial trends to improve company operations and profitability.


Mr. Yamuder brings over 25 years of real estate industry experience and comprehensive background in property management, construction, development, financing and brokerage. Using his strong fiscal discipline to manage risk and extensive operational knowledge, he has provided analysis on an array of property acquisitions and numerous projects throughout New York City.


Born and raised in Queens, New York, Mr. Yamuder graduated from Bernard M. Baruch College; City University of New York, with a BA in Business and Finance. Mr. Yamuder is an active member of the real estate community serving on a wide range of committees of several real estate related organizations.

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Joan Martorano is the Controller for Mettle Property Group.


Since 2005, Ms. Martorano has been part of the development division of Madison Estates. Ms. Martorano is responsible for the daily accounting operations for all properties within the Mettle portfolio. Her role also includes the monitoring of all local, city and state industry regulations to ensure compliance and to liaison between significant equity partnerships and financial institutions.


Prior to joining Mettle, Ms. Martorano worked as a consultant in the real estate development and construction industry for 15 years. Ms. Martorano managed all aspects of property development from ground breaking to project completion on various construction projects throughout New York City.

Ms. Martorano was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and currently resides in Staten Island, NY with her husband and 2 children.